April 30, 2018.   The Native Society published an interview with Katarzyna. Click here to read it.  
March 13, 2018.   ACTRA co-op Bounty directed by Katarzyna plays at Kino T.O.  
March 2, 2018.  Mississauga Arts Council published an article about the ACTRA Winter Conference 24 hour challenge winning film, directed by Katarzyna.  
February 17, 2018.  Drama SAL'S AUTO plays at Toronto Black Film Festival and Katarzyna will be speaking at the Meet the Filmmakers workshop at The Carlton Cinema.  
November 10, 2017.  Immigration comedy YES I CANADA plays at 12th annual Hamilton Film Festival.  
November 9, 2017.   WINTER TRAIN ONTARIO plays at River Arts Festival in the Canadian Landscapes program. 
October 2017.   Katarzyna served on the jury for Silent River Film Festival screenplay competition.    
September 4, 2017.  Great filmmaker interview and review of immigration comedy YES I CANADA on Short Film Fan.  
August 2017.   OPEN SOURCE 2.0 is a filmmaking collaboration facilitated by Ed Video Media Arts Centre.  It works like writing open source computer code, except instead of writing code, filmmakers contribute images and sound, working together but not at the same time.  To see the contribution directed by Katarzyna click here.  
August 18, 2017.   Two shorts directed by Katarzyna are official selections at 13th annual Action on Film International Film Festival:  THE SILVER ANGEL and LOBSTER DATE.   Two other shorts are official selections at AOF sister festival Hollywood Dreamz: LONG LONG AGO and A DIRECTOR'S JOURNEY.  
July 28 & 29, 2017.  Comedy LOBSTER DATE plays at HamOnt Shorts, in the heart of Hamilton Fringe Festival.  
July 21, 2017.  Zany comedy SPIES!  plays at Brainwash Movie Festival at NIMBY Studio across the bay from San Francisco.  Directed by Katarzyna Kochany, written by Dan B. Rosen.  
June 24, 2017.  Drama SAL'S AUTO premieres at Willson Oakville Film Festival gala. 
May 2017.   Canadian Immigrant magazine profiles the immigration comedy YES I CANADA, written and produced by Florian Francois, directed by Katarzyna Kochany. 
May 2017.   Mississauga Arts Council MARTY Awards.  After winning a MARTY Award two years ago, it was great to be invited to serve on the jury this year.    
April 30, 2017.   THE SILVER ANGEL, an ACTRA co-op directed by Katarzyna wins a Silver Remi Award at 50th Annual WorldFest Houston.   Short comedy LOBSTER DATE wins Bronze in the directing category. 
February 8, 2017.   Short comedy about immigration released online. Click to watch YES I CANADA  Directed by Katarzyna Kochany.   Written and produced by Florian François. 

January 7, 2017.  Great review of comedy DUST BUNNIES
December 4, 2016.  Screening new work at Cineplex downtown Toronto at TAPfest, a festival curated by actors. Katarzyna directed two films that are official selection, a comedy adapted from a stage monolog YES I CANADA and a Christmas themed ACTRA co-op THE SILVER ANGEL
November 9, 2016.  Two of the writers Katarzyna mentored made it to Top 10 at Los Angeles based 168 Write of Passage competition, including the Grand Prize Winner, BL Clifton for the charming and humorous Turbo Jam Boosters.  Click here to read the interviews.  
September 25, 2016.  COWBOY CHURCH won Best Documentary at The Wild Bunch Film Festival.  
September 10, 2016. Great review from OneFilmFan: Review of A DIRECTOR'S JOURNEY: HURRICANE MCLEAN 
April 2016.  Katarzyna won a Gold Remi Award in the Directing category at WorldFest Houston for A DIRECTOR'S JOURNEY: HURRICANE MCLEAN.    
December 1, 2015.   Mississauga News: ‘Hurricane’ McLean subject of new doc by Mississauga filmmaker.   
November 13, 2015.  Entertainment News by Nandar Digital Cinema: International Family Film Festival Winners.  Katarzyna was nominated in two categories: Best Foreign Documentary for A DIRECTOR'S JOURNEY, and Best Music Film for DO WHAT YOU LOVE. 
November 13, 2014.   The Hollywood Times: Winners Announced for 2014 International Family Film Festival  Katarzyna was nominated in the Short Foreign Drama category for her film HORSE FOR SALE. 
August 21, 2014.  Nevada Sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) Celebration Official Blog. Nevadan Stories: Katarzyna Kochany - High Desert Interviews
March 30, 2014.  Glen Rose Reporter: Neo Relix Heads to Oakdale.  Katarzyna's film HORSE FOR SALE won Best Foreign Film at Glen Rose Neo Relix Film Festival in Texas.  
Full list of Katarzyna's awards and nominations at imdb 

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